Carol Bugarin  Glass Arts

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Dani Ella wrote on June 3,2020
Thank you for sharing your expertise in Glass Arts. I appreciate it. Best regards from the best landscaping service in Broomfield, Colorado.

Peyton wrote on June 2,2020
Wow, I really love the falling leaves earrings you have on here, truly one of a kind, so creative!

Brielle wrote on June 2,2020 about this blog entry
I guess there'll be none for 2020. :(

Danny wrote on June 2,2020 about this blog entry
Ohhh! great art
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Horea wrote on June 2,2020 about this blog entry
Thanks! This has been one of the many I have been looking forward to.

Grayson wrote on June 1,2020 about this piece
Nice beads so far! Thanks
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Jessica wrote on May 29,2020
Nice website and I love your glass art collections especially those necklaces. I might consider getting one soon. Anyway, please visit us for quality epoxy flooring services in Colorado Springs, CO.

Brielle Luna wrote on May 28,2020 about this piece
Nice! I am just not so sure what will this be for.

Ariane wrote on May 28,2020 about this blog entry
I tried searching Noodle Girl on Facebook but I have no luck which one of it is yours. I'm thinking of sending a friend request but I can't see your profile on my end. I just have no luck this time.

Kylie Loreen wrote on May 27,2020

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Brielle Luna wrote on May 27,2020 about this blog entry

Horea Kaii wrote on May 27,2020 about this blog entry
Added you. Hope you saw my request.
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horea wrote on May 27,2020 about this blog entry
Wow! this is an amazing fact. I have just heard about this in 25 years!
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Exigo Business wrote on May 27,2020
I'm sorry need to correct our website address.
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Exigo Business wrote on May 27,2020
You have beautiful collections of various glass arts and I'm pretty amazed how you turned some into pieces of jewelry. Thank you and please reach out to us just in case you're looking to outsource your bookkeeping and accounting.
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Peter wrote on May 27,2020 about this blog entry
Buckyball, that's my first time seeing such a term. I just wonder how it look like though I'm imagining it based on the information you have provided. Thank you for sharing and looking forward for more of your piece.

MckinneyStumpGrinding wrote on May 27,2020 about this piece
I couldn't agree more.

Danny wrote on May 26,2020 about this piece
This is greatly amazing! Love this
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Edward wrote on May 25,2020
Hi Carol, do you also accept customized orders? Just curious. Thanks!

Mikel P wrote on May 25,2020
Are these glass arts for sale? I can't see any tag or pricing on each of the items I check under My Work Menu.

Andy wrote on May 25,2020
I've never seen such cool glass arts before. I can see your dedication and your artistry in making those. Keep it up!

Danny wrote on May 20,2020 about this blog entry
Bugarin glass has a good quality
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Danny wrote on May 20,2020 about this blog entry
I love the concept of this art. Thanks!
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PatriceDani wrote on May 19,2020
Your Glass Arts are amazing. Do you deliver in the middle of this crisis?

Grayson wrote on May 13,2020 about this blog entry
Glass Arts is one of my favorites!
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Grayson wrote on May 11,2020 about this blog entry
Wow! another great glass art. Keep it up

Tokio Matis wrote on May 11,2020
Your Glass Arts are classy and sassy. Cheers from the best stump grinding services in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Grayson wrote on May 8,2020 about this blog entry
Great glass arts! Keep up the good work!
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Hillary Thomas wrote on May 7,2020
Talk to you about business soon?

Chris Colen wrote on May 7,2020
Wish to buy as soon as possible!
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Gregor wrote on May 7,2020
Wonderful arts, my dear Carol!

Melissa Sam wrote on May 7,2020
Do you still ship out products? Im interested!
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Jacob Johane wrote on May 7,2020
You have a good eye when it comes to creativity!

James wrote on May 7,2020
Thinking of bring your arts into an exhibit? We can discuss privately about this.

Anonymous wrote on May 7,2020
Your glass arts are just perfect! i'd buy again soon.

Gray wrote on May 4,2020
I always visit your blog because this is very informative! Thanks
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Master Dani wrote on May 4,2020
Carol's Glass Arts are amazing. Cheers from the best stump grinding services in Loveland, Colorado.

Danice wrote on May 1,2020
I'm impressed! Great craft
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Tokio Matis wrote on April 27,2020
Your art is amazing. I like that your glass are always so dainty. Cheers from the best stump grinder in Denver, Colorado.

Silver wrote on April 6,2020
I bought some for my wife and she really loved it! Thank you!

Cindy wrote on March 31,2020
Great art works! Brilliant designs I loved it.

Terrence wrote on March 24,2020
That Glass arts was amazing! I didn't know that you can apply arts on glass, til I found this site.

Allison wrote on March 23,2020
Carol, will you be hosting any events anytime soon? I'd love to attend!

Sofia wrote on March 18,2020
refers to individual works of art that are substantially or wholly made of glass. It ranges in size from monumental works and installation pieces to wall hangings and windows, to works of art made in studios and factories, including glass jewelry and tableware.

Garry Lawson wrote on March 12,2020
Very beautiful work!
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Claire wrote on March 10,2020
Who is the famous glass artist?

I don't think glass can be art, so brilliant!


Scott wrote on March 3,2020
As the title suggests, this is an article about the most amazing glass artists alive today, which begs the question: What makes someone an amazing artist?

Jason Smith wrote on February 26,2020
Who is the most famous glass artist?

Claire Smith wrote on February 26,2020
Who is the most famous glass artist?
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Brett S. wrote on February 21,2020
The glass and wire items are for sure my favorite. It is amazing what you can do with that stuff!

Jason Smith wrote on February 20,2020
What!? is this real? an art using glass? really amazing!

Carmelo wrote on February 19,2020
distinctive from ordinary glass products. It shows an individual skill, it outlines an attitude and it reflects artist's personality. Loved it.
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Susie wrote on February 17,2020
Wow Glass Art! Very cool thank you.
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Dave wrote on February 17,2020
Thank you very much!
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John wrote on February 6,2020
wonderful glass work

Courtney wrote on February 2,2020
The best glass art around!

Deborah wrote on January 30,2020
Thank You!!

George wrote on January 29,2020
Love it! Thanks so much!

Daniel wrote on January 20,2020
I love this! Thank you.

Damien wrote on January 19,2020
This looks amazing! Thank You!

tsalg wrote on January 16,2020
Your work is amazing! Please keep sharing it with us!
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Sivart wrote on January 16,2020
These are really cool. Love your work!
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LC Leander wrote on January 9,2020
Hello from Leander. Thanks.

Jim Bya wrote on January 9,2020
Much appreciated!

KC Keller wrote on January 9,2020
Very nice. Thank you.

Elizabeth Sommers wrote on September 21,2019 about this piece
How brilliant! Beautiful work

Dani Deckert Johnson wrote on September 4,2017
Your work is beautiful! I will have to make a point to see you the next time I am in the Boston area.

Karen Harris wrote on July 17,2017 about this piece
Your work is beautiful. Can they be purchased and how

Richard wrote on January 11,2016
Very exciting with your current work.

Djay wrote on January 11,2016
You got talent!

spermild37 wrote on October 8,2012
I really admire your work, all your beads and jewerly are super elegant and unusual, simply gorgeous.

earrings wrote on August 23,2012
I haven't looked at your site for a long time.

Annie (Engelhardt) Haselwood wrote on August 23,2012
Ron told me about your site. What wonderful work you are doing now. Congrats on your commission! Sorry to keep missing you in Chgo. One day we'll link up... ~Annie

Michelle Pearson wrote on August 18,2012
I bought the red mobile earrings from you at the Gathering. They are my favorite purchase of the trip. Wish I had spoken to you more. I will look for you on Facebook!

Pete Pekar wrote on May 11,2012
So glad I found your work as part of the FPAC ArtWalk your work is beautiful and practical

Jolanta Banasiak wrote on August 26,2011
I work for Village of Niles Senior Center and your Mom showed me your website one day she helped us at the center. I really admire your work, all your beads and jewerly are super elegant and unusual, simply gorgeous.

Janet Patzer wrote on May 10,2011
Carol - I very impressed with your work! Lovely! Hugs.

Marge MacEvitt wrote on November 24,2010
Carol, so glad I dropped in, beautiful stuff. Love the "red hots" and the orery.

Geri Mom wrote on August 14,2010 about this piece
I'm constantly amazed at the beautiful items you create. I think you got it from me and enhanced it 100%. I'm proud of all you've created. Love always, Mom

Geri Mom wrote on August 14,2010 about this piece
I'm constantly amzed at the beautiful items you create. I think you got it from me and enhanced it 100%. I'm proud of all you've created. Love alwasys, Mom

Marne wrote on July 5,2010
So much beauty, Carol! Might you consider taking orders on-line...or bringing your work to the Pacific Northwest?

Geri Bugarin wrote on October 22,2009
I haven't looked at your site for a long time. I like the way your are showcasing your work. It's easy to view each style of your work. Very outstanding work.

Robin Fisher wrote on June 17,2009
Hi Carol! What lovely work! Now you need to use your welding to scale things up a bit. I'd still love to see your studio! I love your Sun.

Kim Fields wrote on May 3,2009
Hi Carol. I love your work. I wear my "zigzag" earrings all the time! Wish I had more colors.

Sylvia deMurias wrote on April 30,2009
Hi Carol - I just got an app - First Things Last - it's really interesting. Thanks for your help last night. Sylvia

Donna Levites wrote on November 1,2008
Love your website, it's great to see your beautiful pieces of work online :-)!!

Terri McEleney wrote on October 29,2008 about this piece
Very cool....

Linda Benmour wrote on August 11,2008
The planets were all aligned and look what was possible. Your work is original and beautiful. Can't wait to see what you create next.

Arthur wrote on August 9,2008
pretty cool

Rich Bugarin wrote on July 24,2008
Looks good Carol, Very impressive.

Cynthia Saari wrote on July 23,2008 about this piece
LOVE the wire & glass jewelry. Great new work!

Ron Seifert wrote on July 22,2008
Wow! Fancy, schmancy. Your work is absolutely stunning!

Joe wrote on July 22,2008
Great site Carol. Good Luck! Can you create some Bear earrings?

Jan Micalizzi wrote on July 1,2008
Your work is beautiful. I'm hoping to see you at the Sandwich Glass Mus.



Geri wrote on June 21,2008
I already own several pieces of Carol's work and wear them often. I love the web site. Well Done.

jackie wrote on June 17,2008
i love all the different art work you do your so unique at everything you do and your skills are just Phenomenal.

sue wrote on June 17,2008
your art work is so unthinkable

Terry Guthrie wrote on June 13,2008
How exciting it is to have your website up and running! You need a shopping cart linked to you pieces so your "Shoppers" can buy. I LOVE the Falling Leaves earrings.

Beth wrote on June 13,2008
Carol, congrats on the site -it looks fabulous!

nancy tobey wrote on June 12,2008
Carol. the site looks amazing - I love the work you are doing!

Genevieve wrote on June 9,2008 about this piece
I just think this necklace is beautiful. It really make happy! Your work and your website are looking great!