Carol Bugarin  Glass Arts

I have been making glass beads and jewelry since 1991.  I work primarily in what is called “soft glass”.    The glass comes in long canes that I work by heating up in the torch.  When the glass is molten I will wrap it around a stainless steel mandrel that has been coated with release.  I will shape the glass into the final form and decorate.  When the bead is finished I will put it into a kiln to anneal  the glass.  This process  cools down the glass slowly.  This removes the internal stress inside the glass.  When the glass is cool, I will remove and clean the bead.  The mandrel space creates the hole for the bead.   Depending upon the complexity of the bead it can take anywhere from a minute to 2 hours per bead.  Each bead is unique.  No two beads will ever be exactly alike.